Ceci se propage sur le web : Shadow justice secretary Shabana Mahmood breaks ranks with Keir Starmer over Israel-Hamas conflict

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L’article original dont il s’agit :

In her letter to constituents, sent last week, she said she shared their “upset and concern” about “the destruction and displacement of human lives on a horrific and unprecedented scale” in Gaza.

She condemned the Oct 7 attacks and said that “any country… would take every step to protect their citizens and get hostages back safely”.

But she added: “I am also unequivocally clear that wars have laws, and democracies have the responsibility to ensure international humanitarian law is followed at all times. My position, as well as that of my party, has been that it is absolutely essential that there is a clear distinction between a terrorist group and the innocent civilians of Gaza, who have suffered for so long and do not deserve collective punishment.

“Many of you have been in touch about the position of the Labour Party and the recent LBC interview. I understand the immense distress that has been caused by the clip in our community. 

“I have represented your views in the strongest possible terms at every level of the Labour Party, and our position remains that international humanitarian law must be followed, which includes access to food, water, medicines and electricity.”

The disclosure of her comments comes after Yasmin Qureshi, a junior shadow minister, used last week’s Prime Minister’s Questions to describe Israel’s military action as “collective punishment of the Palestinian people in Gaza for crimes they did not commit”.

Israel cut off supplies of water, fuel and electricity to Gaza in the wake of the Oct 7 attacks. Collective punishment is illegal under international law, under a principle dating back to the Hague Convention (II) of 1899, which states that “[no] general penalty, pecuniary or otherwise, can be inflicted upon the population on account of the acts of individuals for which they cannot be regarded as jointly and severally responsible”.

But Lord Verdirame, a KC specialising in international law including war crimes, said: “Siege is not a prohibited method of warfare.”

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